Vintage Fighters is located at the Clark County Airport, (jvy), just across the river from Louisville, Kentucky.  This collection of Warbirds is owned by Mr. Charles Osborn.  I had the opportunity to work full time for Mr. Osborn restoring and maintaining his wonderful collection of warbirds.  I still work for Vintage Fighters on a part time basis. We are currently restoring a Navy FG-1D Corsair. In the pages listed below you will find links to pictures of the Vintage Fighters Warbird collection Past and Present. Enjoy! 

The Crew at Vintage Fighters

Owner: Charles Osborn Jr.

Director of Fighter Operations: Brad Hood

Restoration Technicians: Tom Wood, Jerry Zollman, Alan Martin, Mike Blackwell, and Shane Cole

New FG-1D Restoration Project

We are currently in the process of restoring an FG-1D Corsair BuNo. 67070.  We are doing a ground up restoration on this aircraft.  It should be a real show stopper when we are done.  Check out our progress as we go along on this webpage.

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    Check out the new FG-1D restoration project.

Warbirds Past and Present

We currently have two airworthy warbirds in our hangar.  P-51D Mustang "Hurry Home Honey" and P-51D Mustang "Shangri-La."  Vintage Fighters also restored a P-47D Thunderbolt that was originally painted as "Big Ass Bird II."  The P-47 was later repainted in the "Tarheel Hal" paint scheme before being sold to the Lone Star Flight Museum in Texas.  Vintage Fighters also restored and operated another FG-1D Corsair BuNo. 92399 painted up in a VF-17 paint scheme.  The Corsair was sold to the Late David Jeansonne.

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    Pictures of P-51D Mustang "Hurry Home Honey"

    Pictures of P-51D Mustang "Shangri-La"

    Pictures of FG-1D Corsair NX448AG in VF-17 Colors 

    Pictures of P-47D Thunderbolt "Big Ass Bird II"    

    Pictures of P-47D Thunderbolt "Tarheel Hal"    

Rides of a Lifetime

While working at the Vintage Fighters Hangar, I have managed to get a ride in everything we have with a back seat in it.  I have managed to take a few pictures on a couple rides.  check out the links below to see what it is like to ride in a Mustang.

  Pictures from a formation flight with Dick Thurman's P-40k   

   Pictures from Miscellaneous Mustang Rides   


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