FG-1D Restoration Page 2

This page details the restoration process from 6/1/02 thru 12/4/03

Photo Set 16  Center section build up begins.
Photo Set 17  Cockpit Underway.   
Photo Set 18  Engine, Wing, and Cockpit Progress.  
Photo Set 19 Flight Control, Wing Fold Hydraulics, and Cockpit Progress. 
Photo Set 20 Hydraulic, Electrical, Cockpit, and Airframe Progress.    
Photo Set 21 Center Section and Tail Section Joined.  
Photo Set 22 Hydraulic System Nearing Completion.  
Photo Set 23 Hydraulic System is Complete and Tested  
Photo Set 24 Engine Installation  
Photo Set 25 Propeller Installation  
Photo Set 26 More Sheet Metal Work   
Photo Set 27 Oil Cooler Installation 
Photo Set 28 Wing Covering and Engine Compartment    
Photo Set 29 Engine Run   
Photo Set 30 Left Wing