FG-1D Restoration Page 1

This page details the restoration process from 9/15/99 thru 6/1/02

Photo Set 1  Our Hawg project arrives.
Photo Set 2  Pictures of the FG-1D Corsair in the condition we received it on 9/15/99.
Photo Set 3  Hydraulic system operational check.
Photo Set 4  Paint stripping and fit test of wings.
Photo Set 5  Splitting the fuselage at the cockpit production break.
Photo Set 6  Miscellaneous original parts before restoration
Photo Set 7  Rear fuselage sheet metal work.
Photo Set 8  Turtle-deck skin replacement.
Photo Set 9  Flight control build up begins   
Photo Set 10  Tail landing gear assembly build up
Photo Set 11  Tail section finish work begins  
Photo Set 12  Tail landing gear installation  
Photo Set 13  Horizontal and vertical stabilizer installation    
Photo Set 14  Gun Bay Doors   
Photo Set 15  Hydraulic Overhaul Begins