The First Engine Start Video

On September 15th, 2003 we ran the engine on our Corsair project for the first time.  It had been approximately 40 years since this Corsair had a engine running on it.  Everything went well and after a day's worth of tweaking, we got the engine tuned and running great.  To make the engine run video more internet friendly I edited out about 2 minutes of warm up time and about 1 minute of run time that had no noticeable changes in it.  Enjoy the video. 

The video is optimized for broadband internet access.  If you don't have broadband access, right click on the image below and select "save target as"  This will allow you to save the video to your hard drive so you can view it at high resolution without being choppy.  The video is approximately 7.2 megs in size.

Click here to play video or click the image