History of FG-1D BuNo 67070

I am currently in the process of researching the history of our FG-1D.  As I find new information I intend to display it on this page.  I have a good record of this planes service from its delivery to the U.S. Navy September 17, 1945 until it was stricken from Navy records January 7, 1957.  From that point until sometime in the Early 1970's the plane was in El Salvador, where it served with the Salvadorean Air Force, Fuerza Aérea Salvadoreña (FAS).  I am currently working to get as much information as I can about our Corsair's service during this time period in El Salvador.

U.S. Navy Service

FG-1D BuNo 67070 was delivered from the Goodyear factory to the United States Navy A&R Facility in San Diego, California, on September 17th 1945.  This Corsair accumulated 693 total flying hours with the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserve units it was assigned to.  Listed below is the service record of BuNo 67070 from the log book we received with the aircraft.

Date Arrived Station Date Departed Hrs. This Station Total Hrs.
  Goodyear Factory 9/17/1945 initial acceptance 0
9/17/1945 A&R San Diego 7/29/1946 24 24
7/29/1946 NAS Glynco 5/?/1950 4 28
5/?/1950 O&R BUAER M&S Cherry Point 8/21/1950 4 32
8/21/1950 O&R BUAER M&S Jacksonville 10/5/1950 3 35
10/5/1950 NART Dallas 5/?/1952 343 378
5/?/1952 O&R BUAER M&S Jacksonville 12/12/1952 7 385
12/12/1952 NAS NART Squantum 2/?/1954 381 606
2/?/1954 NAS NART South Weymouth 5/2/1954 83 689
5/2/1954 Storage Facility Litchfield Park   4 693
1/7/1957 FG-1D BuNo 67070 Stricken from U.S. Navy Records

Fuerza Aérea Salvadoreña (FAS) Service

The photos below are of FG-1D BuNo 67070 in the FAS boneyard at Ilopango AB in El Salvador in the early 70's


When I first saw these pictures there was not doubt in my mind this is our project and is FG-1D BuNo 67070.  The damage in these photos matches perfectly the damage we have had to repair on our project and the markings are identical.

John Roxbury's Ownership

John Roxbury retrieved this FG-1D from El Salvador in the early 1970's.  Mr. Roxbury began restoration work on this plane and stored it in Minneapolis, MN. Mr. Roxbury owned the plane until we recently purchased the project from him and took delivery on September 15th of 1999.