Web Page Update Mail List

Due to the increased demand for information updates via email I have set up a mail server.  The amount of individuals requesting email updates has overwhelmed me.  The intention of this email list is to let you all know when I have posted new information or photos on the web page and inform you of big events involved in the restoration process.  For now, I have set this email list up as a moderated list so that I can filter what is posted to the list.  I am doing this to prevent unsolicited email not pertaining to the Corsair from arriving in your email boxes.  I have gone to lengths to make sure your email address is concealed on this mail list for your privacy. 

If you would like to receive email updates about the progress of our restoration click on the link below and follow the instructions to get signed up.  Basically you enter your email address and pick a password.  After submitting the request, you then receive a confirmation email from the list.  Reply to it and as soon as I authorized your request you will receive a welcome email from the list.  You are free to post questions to the list about the project.  Again, the list is moderated by myself so I will be screening the postings to make sure only legitimate emails make it through to the members of the list.  I do this for your privacy.

Click Here to Join the FG-1D E-Mail List